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He lives in Hyogo Prefecture. He is an associate professor at
Hyogo University of Teacher Education.
Recently his imagination comes from the space in plant.

His oil paintings show us a scene,but it is a kind of imagined one which has some connection and tension.
Please enjoy his world.
Hisashi Onishi's profile

1967  Born in Hyogo  
1992  Completed the Master Course in Fine Arts Education at Osaka Kyoiku 
2012  5th HOLBEIN Scholarship 
Selected Solo Exhibitions

1991,’92,93,95,96,97,98,99,2001  Gallery HAKU, Osaka 
1994  Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka 
2002  Art Space RASHINBAN, Tokyo 
2003,'05  Gallery GAN, Tokyo
           Haruhi Museum of Art, Aichi[’08 
2007   Gallery21+Yo, Tokyo 
2009, '10,’12,13,15,16,18,’20  Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo 
2012,’16,’18  Gallery NEKOGAMEYA, Osaka 
2014,’15,16,17,’18,’19  Gallery AO, Hyogo 

Selected Group Exhibitions 
1993  “Artists of Hyogo 93,Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Arts, Hyogo 
1994  “Training of Image,Gallery HAKU, Osaka 
1995  “Tomihiro Nagahara & Hisashi Onishi,Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka 
1997  “Artists of Hyogo 97,Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Arts, Hyogo 
2000  “The 14th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Paintings,Ube City Culture
          Center, Yamaguchi 
2010  “PainterlinessV,Gallery HAKU, Osaka 
2002  “The 15th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Paintings,Ube City Culture
         Center, Yamaguchi 
2003  “The 3th YUMEHIROBA HARUHI BIENNALE,Haruhi Museum of Art, Aichi
        “Contemporary ArtistsView-CROSSOVER10, ”Okayama Perfectural Culture
         Center, Okayama 
2004  “VOCA 2004,The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2019  “The 2th Exhibition of Makurazaki International Art Award ,Makurazaki Perfectural Culture
         Center Nanmeikan,Kagoshima